Заневский пр., 15
70 метров от
метро Новочеркасская
+7 (812) 445-12-59
+7 (901) 302-15-11
с 9:00 до 21:00
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Доктор Лазер

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Sports medical diagnostic Foundation "Health of the nation"

"The first center for family dentistry" in St. Petersburg

Mode of operation: Daily from 9.00 to 21.00 without lunch and weekends.

Our address: 195196, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnogvardeyskiy district, Zanevskiy PR., D. 15

metro station: "Novocherkasskaya", exit No. 1

Phone: (812) 445-12-59

E-mail: info@7stom.com

On the map location map:

map with the location of the dental clinic

Being on a vacation each one of us wants to spend time in the most efficient way without wasting even a single minute. But things do happen and you may feel a sudden pain in your tooth in the middle of an excursion. Or maybe the time has come to check one or a couple of your fillings. Or you came here on purpose and you need to whiten your teeth for an event of any kind – birthday, wedding day or an important business appointment (when signing a contract the look should be perfect). Imagine, what a waste of time it would be if you’ll have to leave a city center and go to another side of it. Your way there and back, time lost in the traffic jams, time for diagnostic and treatment – half of a day is literally lost. It is not the best variant for a vacation, right?

That is why it is better to consider our clinic! Our Dental clinic in Saint-Petersburg has not only the most professional dentists and highly-trained friendly staff, but also the most convenient location – close to the historical center of the city, 500 meters from Neva River and the river bank. So there’s a great opportunity for you to go sightseeing in really remarkable places after the treatment and problems with teeth won’t spoil your impressions. There is not any difference in time of a treatment by the way – center of Saint-Petersburg looks good both in the morning and in the evening. You also have a great chance to visit Saint-Petersburg’s subway, as the clinic is only 70 meters far from it. That is also would be convenient for those who doesn’t like taxis or to be stuck in traffic jams in public transport.

If you are trying to find a perfect combination of effective teeth treatment and enjoyment with sights and places of interests of the “North Venice” without spending much time on your way there and back, then our clinic is the only place you need.