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Все акции Имплант Straumann 39600 рублей Имплант Replace 40600 рублей Имплант CSM Apolonia 24600 рублей
Чистка зубов со скидкой 25% Имплант CSM Apolonia + коронка 46900 рублей Новинка - Система invisalign
Доктор Лазер

Price list for dental treatment


Name of service Price (in RUB)


The consultation with the treatment plan free
Consultation of orthopedic surgeon with a treatment plan 250
Consultation with the orthodontist's treatment plan 1500
Examination, consultation with the design Advisory opinions and the issuance of a certificate 400
Diagnostic x-ray (film or digital) 300
Diagnostic orthopantomogram (digital) 750
Diagnostic teleroentgenogram (digital, side. projection) 750
Treatment of caries 2950-5700
Pulpitis one channel from 4550
Pulpitis two channel from 7600
Pulpitis three channel from 8300
Pulpitis four channel from 9300
Difficult removal (all manipulations included) 3600
Simple removal of tooth fragment from from 1900
Removal of impacted tooth or listopadowego (all manipulations included) 4800
Surgical access to the impacted tooth (all inclusive) 4600
Surgical access to the impacted tooth with bonding buttons (all inclusive) 5300
Plastic frenulum of the tongue, lip (child) 3100
Plastic frenulum of the tongue, lips (adult) 4600
The removal of hard dental plaque 1 tooth 100
The removal of soft plaque 1 tooth 100
Drug treatment of periodontal pockets 200
Covering fluoride varnish 1 tooth 200
Cosmetic cleaning of Air-flow 1 jaw 1000
Covering fluoride varnish 1 jaw 1200
Comprehensive periodontal treatment of teeth 4900
Flap surgery (1 tooth) 2700
Whitening from the teeth 16-20 (first visit) 8000
Whitening from the teeth 16-20 (second visit) 5000
PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY (Until the patient is 14 years of age):
Caries milk tooth (all inclusive) 2500-2900
Pulpitis baby tooth (2 visits) (all inclusive) 4100
The tooth 1000-1300
Silver tooth (1 unit) 210-230
Coating varnish (1 unit) (all inclusive) 200
Deep amputation of pulp 350
Fissure sealing of permanent teeth (all inclusive) 1400-2200
Treatment of caries of permanent teeth (all inclusive) 3500-4900
The program of prevention of dental caries Dental Resources 2500
Implant Ankylos (Germany) 35000
Implant Replace (USA) 37000
MIS implant (Israel) 25000
CSM implant Apolonia (South Korea) + abutment 19900
The installation of abutment 5500
Operation sinus lift 15000
Material Bio Oss 18000
Membrane 22000
Bone grafting with the use of material of lamina 40000
Bone grafting (cleft) 30000
Guided bone regeneration 23000
Temporary plastic crown 800-2100
Aesthetic temporary crown to the abutment 5700
All-ceramic crowns, veneers E-max press 20000
Removable partial (more than three teeth) 15000
Removable full 18000
Partial denture (1-3 teeth) 9000
The prosthesis of button menu plastic 35000
Metal crown from 9000
All-ceramic crown on zirconium dioxide from from 21000
Abutment Replace + MK crown 29000
Abutment Ankylos + MK crown 27000
Abutment MIS, CSM Apolonia + MK crown 24000
Diagnosis and treatment plan (removal of the casts, casting, diagnostics and operating models, calculation models and telerentgenogrammy ortopantomogrammu, pictures) 8000-12000
Removable orthodontic device
Preventive denture (no teeth 1-3) 10000-15000
Making removable unit from from 15000
Ordering LM-activator, myofunctional trainer 15000
Fixed orthodontic apparatus (1 jaw)
Metal braces Orthos 35000
Sapphire braces Inspire Ice 55000
Ceramic bracket system Clarity 55000
Self-ligating braces Damon Q 50000
Self-ligating bracket system Damon Clear 60000
Customized bracket system, Insignia SL 70000
The full cost of orthodontic treatment with 100% payment (per jaw):
Metal braces Orthos 70000
Sapphire braces Inspire Ice 90000
Ceramic bracket system Clarity 90000
Self-ligating braces Damon Q 80000
Self-ligating bracket system Damon Clear (16 teeth) 95000
Self-ligating bracket system Clarity SL 70000
Lingual braces system Incognito 170000
Lingual braces Stb 140000

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a dental clinic? What do you afraid of most of all? Pain? Dentist drill? Or, maybe, injections of anesthesia? It may be surprising, but the latest research has discovered that the most frightening thing about the dentistry nowadays is the cost of the service. And it is true. Most of the clinics provide their services at a high price. Even if there work doctors of the same qualification, they are located in the same area and they use the same materials - the price may vary greatly.

With our dental clinic you have nothing to be afraid of! We are highly concerned in comfort and tranquility of our patients and that is why all the services we provide are absolutely painless and moreover – at a reasonable price.

Our specialists work with a wide range of reliable materials of the highest quality, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of our treatments. We are absolutely sure in durability of all of our materials, but still we do provide a warranty on treatment and on all the materials we use.

We consider our clinic an advanced one and that is why we are in step with the time and use only modern methods of treatment. Wait for two hours after treatment without drinking and eating is a thing of the past. After visiting our clinic you won’t feel any discomfort and may continue enjoying your vacation in our admirable Saint-Petersburg right after the treatment.

We appreciate our clients and our reputation means a lot to us that is why our professional dentists and highly-trained and friendly staff perform services of the highest quality and only at an honest price. Come and check us out. We are sure that our dental clinic would become another memory from our city that you would remember with pleasure and make you want to come back once again.